Moving forward steadily, Shuangli Tongda

Wenlida Power Technology Co., Ltd. (Wenlida for short) is a comprehensive high-tech electrical enterprise specializing in the development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of new fields of power technology.

Wenlida with a registered capital of 50 million, has nearly 100,000 square meters of R&D, production, and assembly bases in Shanghai and Jiashan, Zhejiang, with nearly 1,000 registered employees. Its industry covers stabilized power supplies & AC/DC power supply regulators, Transformers, reactors, laminated bus bars, sheet metal processing, etc., is a well-known large-scale production base for voltage stabilizer products in China. It is designated as YD/T 1270-2003 "Contactless Compensation AC Voltage Regulator Drafting unit of industry standards.

Wenlida is committed to innovation and insists on independent innovation. It has developed a series of nearly 100 Winleader products with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the international advanced level. Now it has three major patented technologies in the industry and national-level patented products, which are comparable to the world's first-class power supply technology, moving forward steadily, and the products are exported overseas. Winleader is the first in the industry to pass ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 quality management system certification, China TLC certification, China CCC certification, Tyre certification, and has passed Swiss SGS certification, Africa SONCAP certification, EU CE certification and other international system certifications .

Wenlida focuses on the corporate development strategy of "energy saving and environmental protection", "technology", "internationalization", and "industrialization". It is committed to innovation and steady progress, and is committed to creating an energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly, Green and safe high-quality electricity environment.


We firmly believe that only by moving forward with integrity and steadily can we achieve mutual benefits and win the world.
  • Customer-centric

  • Steady and enterprising

  • Pursuit of excellence

  • Committed to innovation

  • Open cooperation

  • Trustworthy

Adhere to customer first and center, deeply understand customer needs and actively match customer requirements, take the initiative to take responsibility, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and achieve customer success.



Wenlida, focused on persisting in "Twenty years of stability, unchanged from the original aspiration, and gradually firm!"

Enterprise strategy

Wenlida, like a group of people, insists on taking the customer as the center and being a trustworthy partner of customers. This has always been the attitude of Wenlida, both externally and internally.

Do not be arrogant or rash, focus on innovation and breakthroughs, and show your strength to the society with practical actions. Wenlida has always been like this.